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Imagine not having a warm place to sleep, carrying all your belongings with you everywhere you go. Imagine not knowing when or where you will get your next meal.

Now imagine you have a warm place to sleep, protected from the elements, safe — now that’s home. And that is what we get a chance to experience each and every day. We are very fortunate that we get a chance to help those who are chronically homeless get a place they can call home.

Since its inception in 2000, Promise Development Corporation has grown by leaps and bounds, making a positive impact in the communities we serve in Housing Development, Workforce Development, Community Development and Business Development.

We serve those in need of affordable housing options, permanent/supportive housing and the community support to improve their position in life. 

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Advocates play a key role in helping our clients normalize. This includes ensuring they understand the expectations of participating in the program, helping them access needed resources, and taking steps to maintain their new lifestyle. Whether outside, in the park, or at a client’s home, Housing Advocates stay connected with their clients to ensure they continue to establish themselves in their new environment.

Housing Coordinators serve a critical role in the process of transitioning clients from homeless to home. They ensure the client’s “new” home environment meets specifications and is conductive to providing a quality of life for the individual or family.

They serve as a liaison between the client and landlord. Their duties include but are not limited to:

  • Communicating and enforcing the terms of the lease agreement
  • Oversee Pre-Move In inspections
  • Collect client rental payments
  • Ensure maintenance requests are resolved in a timely manner
  • Conduct periodic inspections (after move in)

When asked this question, “What role do your housing coordinators play?” Ms. Tessica Eckford, Program Manager stated, “Our Housing Coordinators act on behalf our clients when dealing with landlords, ensure maintenance issues are corrected in a timely manner and hold clients accountable to certain standards.”

Bottom line: Our Housing Coordinators maintain standards that enhance our clients’ quality of life. They play a critical in helping clients transition from homeless to home.


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