"My mission to Haiti"

Promise staff member Abigail Lowery shares her journey to Haiti

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This mission trip to Les Cayes, Haiti was nothing short of AMAZING. Our team of 14 spent a week serving the staff and children at the A Place of Hope orphanage. The orphanage houses about 60 kids and a small staff.

We were given several practical projects that consists of constructing a clean water line to serve the community, building a goat enclosure, a swing set and bunk beds. The projects were great, and we completed every one of them but nothing was as fulfilling as interacting with the children. The water balloon fights, the hot dog cookout, and the tie-dye handkerchief craft project were EPIC.

Despite the language barrier, the love between our team and the kids was felt constantly. The hugs, kisses, and smiles shared that week is something that I will never forget. Our host were the most gracious and kindest people that I have ever met. They taught me so much about sharing and being grateful for what you have and about having just a little faith in God goes a long way.

All of the hearts that I came into contact with throughout my week in Les Cayes were living embodiments of God’s never-ending and unconditional love. I am humbled and incredibly grateful to have been so privileged in this opportunity. It challenged me to me step outside of what’s familiar and comfortable and into an experience that has changed my life forever. I look forward to returning to Haiti and to the A Place of Hope one day.

Niketa Reed