Workforce Development


A quality education levels the playing field and contributes to an employable workforce. Therefore, a major area of growth involves helping members of the community engage in educational activities and develop skills that employers seek.

In 2014 we launched our Life Skill Class to individuals in the Zero: 2016 (formerly 100K) Program. This program will be expanded into 2015. Participants will take the next step to becoming better integrated into society after having been chronically homeless for several years.

In addition, we will launch the Promise Summer Enrichment Program targeted to teens associated with our Memphis Strong Families Program. We will focus heavily on educational and experiential learning opportunities designed to build leadership and life skills.

Candidates successfully completing these programs will be recommended to get additional skills to become employable. This will include assisting candidates in finding work, providing resume writing and interview skills.

Our goal is to help job seekers develop technical and workplace skills. 


Join a team making moves in the community

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